40 for 40: Day 37 – Fredericton, New Brunswick

So the wedding was awesome, and tiring, and definitely woke up with a beer-can hangover, but wasn’t going to let that stall a day. Did the Canadian thing and made a Tim Horton’s run for breakfast before doing something cultural and touristy, a visit to the Beaverbrook Art Gallery.

Wayne Gretzky and Karen Kain by Andy Warhol

Now, with Fredericton being a city of about 57000 people, and the capital of New Brunswick, I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of quality and quantity of art. Definitely pleasantly surprised, though, as the gallery had works by Dali, Warhol, Morriseau, Tom Thompson, and several other famous Canadian artists in really well laid out space. It didn’t feel like a small-town gallery (even though Fredericton is a capital city) and Daina even noted it was one of the best galleries he’s seen in Canada. Wouldn’t say he was wrong.

Fredericton sits along the St John River, and that would be our next stop, as the wedding party continued on a boat, a bit of a booze cruise that went up and down the river, giving you different views of the Legislature, the lighthouse, Officer’s Square and various houses and cabins along the river. Definitely not a “historical” style cruise – it was about drinking and, eventually, swimming in the St John River, but it did make for a fun continuation of the afternoon.After that, it was drinks and food, starting with a stay at Picaroons, a beautifully set brewpub across the river, with some solid food options, including a Beavertail Donair, which combines the deep-fried dough of a Beavertail with the meat of a Donair. From there, we went back across the river to The Snooty Fox, which also had some solid brews, a nice rooftop patio, and one of the worst dishes I ever finished in my life, the Taste of Thailand, which was a Thai noodle dish covered in a peanut sauce that was basically peanut butter. From there, it was bed, because I’m 40 now and drinking for about twelve hours straight is about my limit, especially as my body adjusts to its natural time zone.

I don’t know that I would ever have sought out Fredericton as a tourist destination on my own. That said, as a place to be for a friends wedding on a long weekend, it was surprisingly nice. The wedding was obviously the main attraction, but the city definitely played a key supporting role.

Next up, DRIVING!!! Lots of it!!!

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