40 for 40: Day 38 – Fredericton to Ottawa

So LOVED Jeff and Emilee’s wedding weekend, one of the most fun ones I’ve been to, and the only complaint I could make is it threw a bit of a wrench into the 40 for 40 plan. If it had flown back to Toronto today with everybody else, it would have been 38 for 40, and that just sounds like you’re not even trying. So, with that in mind, I figured I’d make some stops in Canada before making it back to Toronto…

…BUT sometimes I forget how big Canada is, and how it’s not always set up for public transit. With that in mind, I decided to focus on one stop on the way home, Canada’s capital, Ottawa. Fortunately, my friend Mason and his partner Julie were driving back that way, so I could avoid paying for a flight and see some more of Canada by road…

…which wasn’t super exciting until we got to the St Lawrence River. Ten hours of functional driving, and now I’m at point B, having gone through a MASSIVE storm system that ended up grounding some other friends in Fredericton.

Tomorrow, I see Ottawa as an adult! More on that later.

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