40 for 40: Day 36 – Fredericton, New Brunswick

So here’s a picture of the Fredericton Legislature, which is really the only historic thing we did or saw today.

Today wasn’t about seeing old things and having new experiences. It was about helping old friends start their new experience. Jeff, a friend of mine since my alumni advisor days at my fraternity, and his now-wife Emilee, a friend since she started dating Jeff, got married, and I was lucky enough to be asked to MC the wedding.

Click on the picture to go to http://www.jeffalpaugh.com to see where I got this awesome shirt.

So there’s Daina and I at the wedding, and several of you may be looking at my shirt and think “that is quite the pattern.” Well, that’s a Jeff Alpaugh Custom, which is the clothing company Jeff and Emilee run and which has become successful due to her smarts and his overwhelming personality. So, rather than give you a rundown of a wedding, check below for some fun videos, which also include yours truly.

Click on this picture to watch the Dragon’s Den episode where JAC was featured!
Article from CBC New Brunswick about the episode, with yours truly doing a little video work at the end.

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