40 for 40: Day 35 – Fiumicino to Fredericton


Took in my final European jog of this vacation, a nice easy 4K along the Fiumicino seafront. Hopped in Luigi’s truck, one of the co-owners of the lovely B&B La Brezza Marina, as the radio played the theme to The Neverending Story, which 35 days in, almost seems appropriate, even though the end is in sight.

Today is all about two flights with two airlines and a four hour connection in Montreal, which was just enough time to be comfortable if all went right, or problematic otherwise.

Fiumicino was fine, in spite of AirTransat’s check in being literally as far away as possible from our boarding gate. Flight left a little later because of a baggage delay, and it took a bit to get a gate in Montreal, but otherwise, plenty of time to catch the flight to Fredericton no sweat.

Had an overpriced burger but a reliable beer (Granville Island English Bay Pale Ale), of which there are more in Canada, and I have missed. Got in to Fredericton relatively on time, waited an hour for Daina to show up, then “downtown” to the hotel.

So, tomorrow, I have the responsibility and privilege of MCing this guy’s wedding! So tourism is going to be limited, and who knows what kind of adventures will happen. Dare I say, it’s time to “Be Dangerous.”

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