40 for 40: Day 33 – Kotor to Fiumicino


So today was a sight-free one, minus the ones from outside the bus, plane, or taxi window. As I slowly make my way back to Canada and in to the last week of 40 for 40, I’ve got a few of these functional ones coming up. Today, it was all about a functioning border.

When I booked my round-trip from Fiumicino to Dubrovnik, I hadn’t realized that border line-ups were a thing here. After experiencing a “Passport Pile” on my way from Dubrovnik to Mostar, and again on my way to Kotor, I knew that trying to catch the scheduled bus to Dubrovnik airport could be pushing it for time, so the hostel suggested that I take a bus to Herceg Novi and then snag a cab to Dubrovnik airport from there.

Bus to Herceg Novi was easy enough, and then it was taxi time. The 30 euros I was quoted at the hostel turned into 50, and when I asked why, the taxi driver said “trouble at border”, which was backed up by a passerby. With no other options, we started the drive. While we were stopped at the first border checkpoint, my driver showed me the border line on the regular road via some app. It was substantial. I asked him for an approximate time of arrival at the airport, which he responded with “one”. Language was definitely a barrier, so I didn’t have much choice but to sit back and see if we’d get there in an hour, with me making my flight, or at 1 pm, at which point, I’m scrambling. Turned out he meant the former, and I was at Dubrovnik’s crowded, small, overpriced airport with plenty of time for check in.

That’s $4 for a damn donut.

No real tourism happening in Fiumicino today, but it does have a lovely sand beach and a boardwalk, so the evening involved a jog, a beer, and some swimming. No complaints about that.

Tomorrow, one more ancient site as I wind down towards Canada.

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