40 for 40: Day 31 – Kotor & Budva

For the first time in a few days, I managed to wake up without the help of an alarm clock! So that was nice!

Having climbed the walls of Kotor last night, I figured I would get to know some of the rest of the city. The city is small and manageable enough that it doesn’t take much time to walk around and explore the major sights, but wandering the tiny streets is rewarding enough as well. I started off at, of all places, the Cat Museum, which is exactly what it sounds like. Lots of pictures of cats from various magazines, comics, album covers and pieces of art, and even some cats running around the museum. For a Euro, it was a cute stop.

Wandering the rest of the town involved stopping in at the various churches, including the Church of Saint Nicholas, the beautiful Cathedral of Saint Tryphon, an the little squares throughout the town. Truth be told, it didn’t take too long to get around and see everything and, while Kotor is adorable, it’s not going to keep you occupied for too long. So, I decided to go to “The Miami of Montenegro”, Budva.

So, those who followed on the old blog know how I felt about Miami Beach. In short, not great. The beach was overcrowded, prices were inflated, music was bad, there was a foam party. The beach was pretty dirty and crowded. Basically, not the most exciting of time, but the Old Town was pretty, small, and had a Citadel you could climb up to get some decent views of the town.

Bus ride back was a bit of a drag, as the lady selling me the bus ticket sent me on a roundabout trip through Tivat before we got to Kotor, so what was a half hour trip there ended up being a seventy-five minute trip back. I tried to let her know that I wanted the direct bus, told her that I had only paid 2.5 Euros to get there instead of the 4 she was asking, but nothing happening there.

Back at the hostel, typing with worst writers block. Tomorrow will be a bit more of an adventure, promise.

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