40 for 40: Day 30 – Mostar to Kotor


And a LOOONG one. One where the possible inferiority of the Bosnian and Herzegovinian bus system was showed up when compared to the Croatian one.

Without going into too much detail, bus was mildly air-conditioned, but not when it stopped, which it had to for things like passport collection, which involved more passport stacks! This time, we had volunteers from the bus handing passports back to the passengers, which was maybe the most cavalier thing I’ve seen happen with passports. There was a sun shade that hit me in the head a few times, a roadside stop that may or may not have involved a stalling of the motor, another stop where it appeared the baggage compartments had opened, another stop where he had to get out to check the tires, and a few seats that weren’t quite staying up. Add to that some crap passengers, including maybe the sloppiest Finnish guy I’ve ever met, who was drinking straight vodka from the bottle and offering to pass it around, and almost missed the bus as a result. There was also another guy next to me who took turns reaching his arm across me to take possibly the worst videos of the passing scenery ever for extended periods of time, and was frequently frantically searching for his empty plastic coke bottle. It was a spectacular trip.

Got into Kotor about half past four and, after having an early dinner at a butcher/restaurant called Tangja, I heeded the advice of the hostel and decided to take a hike. Probably taking a cue from Dubrovnik, Kotor has started charging more for people to climb their walls, 8 Euros. However, the hostel told us about a way around, a switchback path next to the city that allows you to climb next to the walls, leading up to a window that you can climb through and BOOM, you’re on the walls. The walk up features cats, goats, other hikers and a cheese house that I didn’t stop at because I wanted to catch the sunset. And what a sunset!

So, tomorrow, I have no designs on a particular wake-up time, but do plan on getting in to the old city to walk around and get lost.

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