40 for 40: Day 21 – Cairo to Alexandria


So it’s redundant to say franchising has gone global, but we started our day at the nearest Starbucks, because when in a place that has Starbucks, go to Starbucks. Three weeks into a trip abroad, you start to miss those little pieces of home, so quiet way to start the day.

After failing to book an early train yesterday, we were able to wake up a little later, relax a bit before we made our way to Ramses Station.

Ramses is a zoo. When we were there a few days ago, I could see how it could be busy. Today, we saw how it was busy, as Cairenes jammed themselves into the station, pushing through parts of the line, jamming bags into people to get them into the x-ray, and trying to filter through the metal detectors. Still, we were able to get into our train with plenty time to go before it left.

At this point, we’ve been in Alexandria for only a few hours, and the place looks like it’s crumbling in on itself, but somehow, that adds to its charms. We saw the sunset over the citadel of Qaitbey and then went for drinks and snacks at the 110 year-old Cap D’Or bar, which was picturesque as heck and featured a really drunk Egyptian bartender being held together by a Somali guy that had been working there for 18 years. Neat place.

Tomorrow, we’ll check out the rest of it, but feeling good about this place.

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  1. We are so enjoying your adventures. You fellas are so wise to do this when you can have the energy and good level of stress to make your rounds.

    Love ❤️ you lots.


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