40 for 40: Day 18 – Hurghada

This is not not going to be what I would call a culturally important post. We’re resting at the Arabia Azur resort and getting sun. In fact, to drive home how much today isn’t about adventure, I’m doing bullet points.

  • Woke up with no alarm. First time since our day in Rome.
  • Worked out in a gym with a poster of Chyna, Bryan Adams and Annie Lennox on blast, and a poster of a bodybuilder with the website http://www.king.eurogoo.com
  • Everybody (on staff) thinks we’re German, and comes up to us trying to sell us snorkel excursions, massages and facial treatments. One guy told us he thinks we’re the only Canadians in the resort.
  • All-inclusive in Egypt (or this one, at least) seems to mean basics like wine and Egyptian beer are included, but Heineken and special cocktails are extra. Had a margarita yesterday which was decidedly… not. Sticking to my beer.
  • Staying here for a couple of days seems to not be the norm, as we’ve been asked by a few people if we’re here for one week or two.
  • Pointing out, again, that we really don’t speak German.
  • Never thought of Sarah Maclachlan’s “Arms of the Angels” as resort music, but here we are…
  • Server called Ibrahim Ibrahim has taken it upon himself to ensure we have the best service at meals.
  • Lots of little fish swimming around in the lagoon, including a couple of eels and what appeared to be a sea snake.
  • So, in terms of resort stuff, chill day.
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