40 for 40: Day 17 – Luxor to Hurghada

TRANSIT DAY!! On, of all things, a Go Bus!

Now, obviously, not the same company as Ontario, and definitely not the same quality, but cheap enough, comfortable enough, direct enough to get us there. Wouldn’t call it clean or nice smelling, but we’ve been on worse. There was this German mom and sons with what looked like her Egyptian boyfriend who were the worst, starting the trip by arguing with the ticket agent about where they were sitting, moving all over the bus, her starring back intensely when the guy was at the back, before engaging in a giant picnic style lunch right near us. They were also relatively large (and I’m not small), so each had bought two seats for themselves, which the boyfriend the decided not to use, moving around at will. Awesome.

By the way, the reason I say “boyfriend” is that, from my research and a conversation at the guesthouse we just came from, Egypt does have a bit of a reputation in Europe as a place where older European women either go to engage in sex tourism/find love. So absolutely making an assumption here, less a judgement.

We got off of the Go Bus in “downtown” Hurghada, did a rough negotiation for a cab (first guy wanted 100 LE each, we found a guy for 30 LE total), and now we’re at an all-inclusive resort in Egypt.

I know, not what you would expect.

As I mentioned at the start of our dahabiyya experience, we hadn’t initially decided to take the dahabiyya at all. We were going to be cramming Edfu and Kom Ombo into a taxi trip to Luxor, skipping Gebel El-Silisa and Al Kab, so four days were supposed to be one. Originally, we were spending more time doing nothing here, so the trade-off is a shortened on the Red Sea. Which, to be honest, definitely okay with, though when you’re presented with unlimited beer and food upon arrival, you start wondering if you want to make some new compromises to the schedule.

All good, though. Though I’ll bet we want to make tomorrow stretch into forever, for sure.

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