40 for 40: Day 1 – Rome

The fight to correct my body’s sleep clock has already begun.

We flew out of Toronto at 9 last night and the eight and a half hour flight and six hour time shift had us touching down in Fiumicino a bit past noon. Sleeping on the plane was a thing that could have happened, but that I may have also imagined in a sleep-deprived haze. Hamstrings hurt, but at least they got stretched out in a LONG immigration line.

Welcome to the first day of a trip!

Once we got through the rigamarole of the airport, we snagged the quick-and-easy Leonardo Express towards Roma Termini and then the metro to our hotel.

Having been to Rome twice before and having seen most of what I’ve wanted to see (I hear you never really see all of Rome), and not wanting to burn out before we get to what I’ve been told is a very chaotic city in Cairo, we decided a while back that Daina would take the lead in Rome, as it’s someplace he had never been. The main thing he was interested in was the MACRO, Rome’s contemporary art museum, located relatively close to Piazza del Popolo and Villa Borghese. After booking accommodation near Popolo, we discovered that MACRO would be closed until October, so that put us in the area without a defined goal which, today, worked well.

We had a light dinner and a ginger loaf slice on Air Transat on the way over and hadn’t eaten since, so first stop was tracking down some food, which we did at the incredible PizzaRĂ©, where we indulged in a Lasagna pizza and a Quattro Formaggi pizza, along with some bevies.

We made it down to Piazza di Spagna to see the Spanish Steps and to hear Rome’s latest musical craze, small rubber toys that men throw on the ground that make a shrieking noise, presumably for people to buy. Mildly annoying. We went up and down a few of the streets, looking at fancy shops, before making our way down to the Trevi Fountain so Daina could do the obligatory coin toss and eat some gelato. I already know better gelato is coming, but a little tourist site gelato will give you the energy to get home when you’ve slept for maybe three hours on a plane.

Tomorrow will be Daina’s introduction to Rome proper and, again, no real agenda, he leads the way and we see what he wants to see. Zero problem with that whatsoever. Rome requires multiple viewings, so I’m happy to be along for the ride.

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