Newfoundland: The Lookout in Gros Morne

So we’ve come to the last day of our Newfoundland adventure.  A nice sleep at Parsons Motel, a decent breakfast at SunSet Restaurant, both in Rocky Harbour, and we were off for our last adventure of the trip, the Lookout Trail in Gros Morne National Park.

Located near a Parks Canada Discovery Centre, the Lookout Trail takes you up, pretty much at a 45 degree angle, for a looped hike that could take you an hour or two depending on your level of fitness and how often you stop along the way.  The views, though, are unbelievable, maybe some of the best we’ve had this trip.  You look into the Tablelands, where the exposed crust and mantle of the earth are on display for everybody to see, and over the lakes and villages of Gros Morne as well.  It was warm enough to work up a mild sweat but not overwhelming, and you end up with a great breeze at the top to cool you down.  Visually, it was a great way to wind down the trip.

Now, with our trip being shortened by two days and the wedding coming in the middle, we’ve approached this one a bit more frentically than usual.  Being only a twelve day trip, I’m not sure if I’m going to work up a full wrap-up on this one.  That’s also because there was no real bad experience here in Newfoundland.  Pretty much everything exceeded expectations, in terms of food, views, adventure and hospitality.  We crammed a lot in to the time we had, but nothing ever seemed just tacked on, and even the shortest roadside stop would involve views of the sea or a pond or a cliff.  This place is just visually stunning and filled with charming people.

As far as vacations taken within Canada goes, I don’t know how you can beat this one.

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