Newfoundland: Gander to Corner Brook

Long day, mildly eventful, but not the most touristy.

We are now entering wedding mode.

Before we got to the upcoming nuptials, we had to make our way east to where we were meant to start the trip.  Our stay in Gander was pleasant and, in a little bit of serendipity, the owner of our Air BnB happened to work at a roadside seafood restaurant that we saw on the way to Fogo.  So we decided that would be our stop for lunch today, and it was a good choice.  Chelsea’s Fish & Chips served up a delicious lobster, crab and mussels boil, some of the best seafood I’ve ever had.  Plus, they had a giant lobster statue out front!  How could you go wrong???

To break up the trip, I took a look at some spots along the way and discovered the Salmonid Interpretation Centre in Grand Falls, which showcased how the Atlantic Salmon spawn every year.  There’s a neat underground observation tank, some nice views of Grand Falls, and some displays that teach you about salmon.  Not the most exciting place on the planet, but good enough for a stop.

After that, we were in full-on wedding prep mode.  We picked up our friend Finch at the Deer Lake airport, drove to the site of the rehearsal (I’m MCing the wedding), had some drinks with the groom at the Marble Mountain Resort, and then finally crashed in Corner Brook.

I have one job tomorrow, and it’s to finalize my MC notes for the wedding.  Anything on top of that is gravy.

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