Xinalani: Quimixto and Back Again

So a big part of my practice here is going to involve stairs.

Xinalani’s property is absolutely GORGEOUS, with views of the sea from just about anywhere you stand.  Getting from studio to studio, though, is a hilly proposal, with uneven terrain everywhere.  The Jungle Studio, home to last night’s beautiful sunset, was also home to this morning’s Movement Lab and Meditation practice.  Maybe a five, ten minute walk, though it feels like more by the time you’re there.

Practice this morning was building on some of the series from yesterday, introducing a few more movement options after a vigorous warm up.  It was followed by a nice meditation, which I’m finding I like more and more as I get used to it and, contrary to what you’d think, it actually seems to soothe any aches and pains I get after a practice pretty well.  I also discovered the magic of a “meditation bench” this morning, a prop that puts in just about the perfect seated position and kept my legs from falling asleep.

Breakfast was, again, another massive, tasty episode.  Afterwards, a few of us decided we’d take a walk into the local town, Quimixto, just to see what we can see.  The town itself is home to a pretty well known waterfall (we’ll check that out later) and seems to base most of its economy around getting people to that waterfall by horse, or by selling things to the people who are getting to that waterfall.  We had some beers and guacamole at a cute seaside restaurant called El Atrancon Sports Bar (no sports that we could see), a man with a giant iguana convinced some of the ladies to take pictures with him, and it was overall a nice stroll.  We made our way back to Xinalani in time for lunch, which involved more… amazing… food….

Like, literally feel like a food coma is coming.  Fortunately, the evening practice would be a restorative one!  Some work on our feet, calves, ankles, knees and shins to start it off, restorative postures to end it, all designed to take the stress off of the multi-leveled terrain.  Had my first ever Michelada (a beer cocktail with salt, lime and some spices) along with dinner, which was tasty fish, lentils, veggies and a gluten-free chocolate cake.  So, again, everything is healthy and I’m coming back with abs, because that’s how healty food works.  You can’t disprove that.

Anyway, tomorrow morning starts with a Vinyasa class, and will be followed by a hike through the nearby jungle with a local guide.  Can’t wait to see more of this beautiful space!

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