Puerto Vallarta, Mexico: The Namaste-cation

So first of all, apologies for the pun.  It’s lame and actually makes it sound like I’m not going anywhere.  I assure you, I am at Pearson International at this moment, watching parents try to manage their children, thankful that I don’t have to for a week.

Now, typically, I’m not an “all-inclusive” kind of guy.  I think they have their place, but anytime I’ve stayed at a resort, I usually last a couple of days before I NEED to head into town, take a trip to a different city, or do some kind of big excursion.

Little bit of “Rooftop Yoga” from
last June – figure as good a time to bust
this photo out as any!

I’ve also been practicing yoga since a bit before our Turkey trip.  It’s been awesome for me from a spiritual and physical perspective and has helped me rewire my body away from several nagging injuries, and reduce the impact of many others.  Last year, my studio did their first-ever retreat the week after March Break, which was amazing for everybody who went, and a little bit sad for this guy.  This year, though, the scheduling stars have aligned and I’m lucky enough to escape Toronto’s damn near unholy windchill for 30 degrees and sunny!  I will take it!

The resort’s name is Xinalani, and the retreat is “Be Moved, Be Still”.  The idea is to combine some natural movement patterns based upon strength, mobility and flexibility, and mix it in with a restorative, calming yoga practice, and put it all together into a week of health.  They give you a list of things to take and things not to take.  Oddly, they don’t discourage phones, but we’re being encouraged to “unplug” from our computers for a week.  Which I agree with, but blogging has always been one of the most zen, reflective parts of any of my travels, so the little blue rectangle is coming with me.

That said, I have no idea what I will write or how much.  There’s internet in the hotel lobby but none in the rooms, so it might be a few scrawls every day with sporadic updates, or a big post at the end of the week.  Still, if for nothing else than the novelty and how beautiful the resort looks, I’m betting it gets an entry or two.

So I excitedly wait again at an airport in anticipation for a destination that is meant to calm.  I kind of like that juxtaposition.

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