Morocco to Madrid 22: Granada to Madrid


Going to give some credit where credit is due.  Past two cities, we’ve been staying in 1-Star hotels and, if you throw that term out in Toronto, you may not be getting the best of the best.  However, the one we were staying at in Granada, Hotel Carlos V, was beyond 1-Star, and I’m trying to figure out what secret it may have that only got it the one star.  Comfy bed, big room, working bathroom, great location and a good deal from Expedia.  No complainants here!
Plaza Mayor.

So today is all about getting to the “Madrid” in “Morocco to”, so that means five hours on a bus.  Uneventful ride, save a screaming baby and the realization that I’ve now seen Independence Day so many times that, as it silently plays on the bus movie system, I can remember and recite most of the important lines.  Cab ride from the train station later and we’re at our first AirBnB flat!

In a sign that we’ve been together a while, Daina and I both came up with the term “Economical/Economica” to describe the place.  There’s a nice little living room outside of the bedroom, a shower enclosure in the corner of the bedroom, as well as a sink, and a WC for the toilet.  Has a kitchen, laundry machine (WIN!), WiFi and Spanish cable, so overall, not too bad.  And it’s a close walk to the three major museums of Madrid, so that’s a bonus.

Once a load of laundry had been done and we did a little self-catering shopping for later, we thought we’d get out and explore a bit of the city.  Plaza Santa Ana, considered the heart of the Huertas district, is only a ten minute walk away, so we had some drinks and Galatian Octopus on the square at a place that charges a few cents more if you sit on the patio.  Worth it for the square and the octopus once, but I think we’re good now.  Strolled up to the Plaza del Sol, which reminded me a lot of Picadilly Circus in London, before heading into Plaza Mayor and over to the Palacio Real (Royal Palace) to catch a gorgeous red and blue sunset over the city.  Really, just a quick walk-about to see some of the city at dark, with many more lovely sights to come tomorrow, I’m sure.

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