Sri Lanka 22: Arugam Bay

If you’re looking for laid back and not necessarily on a schedule, this is the place.

Daina and I got up this morning for breakfast and, since we had paid for breakfast at our property through, we asked the guy that works here for that breakfast.  At which point he told us that there was no breakfast here.  Didn’t feel like turning it into an argument, so D and I decided to look elsewhere.  I did let the guy know that we had arranged something, at which point he said “Well, if you’ve arranged something, we can do something”, but I was ready to eat, so we moved on.

Again, accommodating, but not too organized, I guess.

Our goal today was to track down some surf lessons…. and that was pretty much the goal.  So we wandered down the main strip, found breakfast nearby, where we both had “Sri Lankan Pancakes”, which were pancakes with banana, curried coconut and honey.  Quite yummy!  At that point, we checked out a few surf shops, got some vibes and rates, tried to book with one place but the guy was gone and would be back after five (it was about eleven), while the other place we liked had pretty much told us we could come back in the evening and book then.

See above comment about being accommodating and not too organized.

Daina bought some new board shorts and a swim shirt, I went looking for a tank top only to discover they all had the trim cut out for that “rag” look that is still in style, I guess.  Wrangled some cab estimates to get to Colombo in a few days.  I headed to the beach to jump in the waves while Daina headed back to do some course work, broke for lunch at “Hello Burger”, which had really good burgers (HELLO!) before switching beach time, with Daina going for a walk and swim while I did some yoga at the Stardust Beach Resort.

Somehow, that filled a whole day.

We went back out around seven, ordered a pair of custom board shorts for myself (16 CAD), booked ourselves some surf lessons from Safa Surf Shop for tomorrow (!), went to a place called Gecko for dinner and learned that, in some places in Sri Lanka, the waiters don’t write their own bills, they have a guy to do that for them.

4% unemployment.

If it seemed like a “nothing” day, it wasn’t.  Arugam is supposed to be chill, and it certainly hit the mark on that.  How chill was it?

The photo at the top of this post?  It was from yesterday.  Didn’t snap any today.


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