Sri Lanka 20.1: Ella

With my prior post being a little down on Ella not being up to its reputation, I feel I have to do a .1 post here to give the town some credit.

It gets a lot better at night.

Gone is the dust, the smell of tar and diesel, and the sounds of construction.  The small main street comes alive, as its restaurants and cafes serve up the kind of food I was promised when I got here.  Tonight, we went to Dream Cafe, where we had some of the best food we’ve had in Sri Lanka.  Daina had a fisherman’s pizza and a delicious slice of carrot cake, while I had some fantastic fish & chips (Sammi’s special, they said) and a chocolate chip mouse served in a pastry cup.  Great atmosphere and service, too.

There were a few stores open late, selling their wares, and a couple of the restaurants looked to be staying open as late night bars and cafes.  The vibe was actually the chill I’d heard about.

So there’s hope for this place yet.

That said, I’m currently listening to some kind of political rally/concert going on, with some interesting music and a lot of yelling politicians.  Sri Lanka has their parliamentary elections happening on August 17th, so people have to make political hay and swing those votes.  Not sure how long this is going on for, but a town this small, you can’t really hide it.  The dogs are howling up a storm.  That’s not a political metaphor, by the way – you can hear dogs on the street barking and howling at all the speeches and music.

No telling how long this will go, but at least I’ve got a full belly of delicious food to sleep on.

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