Sri Lanka 15: Kandy

So a bit of a morning of fail today.

First up, we had to try to book train tickets to Nuwara Eliya for tomorrow.  Unfortunately, those are all booked up in all classes, so no dice there.  We could stand for four hours, but the train is likely to be uber crowded being the day after a Poya (national holiday based on the full moon) and a Saturday.  Since we’ll be able to grab a train later in the journey (Nuwara Eliya to Hatton, which is a shorter, but also beautiful ride, and also possibly Hatton to Ella), kind of sucks, but not a big deal.

Next fail, trying to find some eye wash for Daina, whose lower right eyelid has swollen up a bit, like something is stuck in there.  Unfortunately, it looks like eye wash isn’t available from a pharmacy – I could get a Visine equivalent, but we already have regular Visine – unless a doctor has recommended it.  So, we wait and see what happens on this one.

Third fail, another crow pooped on me.  Which must mean I’m getting super lucky or something.

Fourth, tried to get into a cafe I had read about, closed for Poya, but not a huge deal because I managed to snag some good chicken roti and a Coke from the Garden Cafe at the bottom of our hill, so that was a delicious, cheap snack.

Did manage to check out a nice monastery, buy tickets for the Kandyan dance show tonight, and see some giant monitor lizards on the way back before getting some trip management done.  We’re booking a new place for Nuwara Eliya because the words “mildew” and “smelly” kept popping up for the guest house I had booked there in newer reviews.  So, time for someplace new.

Of course, the “someplace new” then emailed me to say that August 1st was actually booked, so I’d have to choose new dates.  Trying to cancel online would ding me the first night (even though I had only booked 20 minutes before), so off to email customer service.

So, fifth and sixth.

The day was somewhat saved by the Kandyan dance we went to in the evening.  Not the most blow away local dance show I’ve ever seen, but there were some highlights, including a drum off, fire dancers who then did some fire walking, neat costumes, and some group numbers by the women in the troup.  1000 rupees per ticket for a one hour show, worse ways to spend it.
We tried to find some eye wash for Daina at Cargills, thinking maybe if he was there, they may give him the good stuff.  No such luck.  We started to wander for a place to eat and, as the sun was coming down, the birds were coming out, presumably to have an insect feast in and around the trees.  Loud, though.  There were a couple of local places we looked in to, but the first one had no service – or rather, the manager seemed to be passing some kind of pipe with one table and ignoring our table, which was the only other one there – and the second one had a menu that looked like every other menu we’ve seen in Sri Lanka, except without Sri Lankan food.  We finally decided on Café Aroma Inn, which was a pricier option, but also had some fantastic food.  So good deal.
Now, having not gone to the Knuckles Range, I can tell you that four days in Kandy seemed like a bit too much.  Might work fine for others, but I got a bit squirrely.  That said, D got sick, so it gave us time to get him better, so it all worked out. 

Tomorrow, rather than take an overly crowded four-hour train ride to Nuwara Eliya, we’ll do the shorter bus option.  Trains later, convenience sooner.  
Something has to go smoothly, right?  

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