Sri Lanka 13: Kandy

When traveling someplace exotic with different health standards than you’re used to, it’s not really a matter of if you will get sick, but when.

The answer to that question was today.

Good news is we got to sleep in this morning – like, it was after nine when we had breakfast – which was sorely needed after a few days of bus travel and some early morning trips.  Today would be the day we’d check out the rest of Kandy proper, do some shopping, and take in a Kandyan dance show.

Our first stop was going to be the National Museum, but it was closed for renovations, so we went around back to the Garrison Cemetery, the final resting place for various British soldiers and citizens who passed away from such diverse causes as malaria, cholera, horse riding accident, and elephant.  One of the graveyard minders took us on a mini-tour to show us notable graves – nobody you might know, but showing who fought in Waterloo, who was stomped by what, etc.

After that, we did some wandering to some temples.  We went to the Vishnu Devale, the Buddhist temple devoted to the Hindu god that was an associate of Buddha and one of Sri Lanka’s protectors. We then took a long walk past the post office, where we got some stamps to mail postcards back to Canada, and made our way to a Buddhist school, where the saffron-robed kids looked quite interested in just why we were there.

Little retail therapy on the way down, as we went clothes shopping at Sriyani Dress Point, where I discovered that I’m a 3XL in Sri Lankan.  Nice!  Next up, lunch at the Kandyan Muslim Hotel, which was a restaurant, not a hotel.  We had what we thought was some of the best food of the trip, some Sri Lankan kottu, a fried noodle dish where the “noodles” are actually shredded flatbread.  I also had a falooda, a mix of rose syrup, vermicelli, basil seeds, tapioca pearls, gelatin and milk.  Freaking delicious!

Now, there was some souvenir shopping to do after that, which went on for about half an hour before Daina found me and said “We’re coming back here to buy something, but I need a washroom now!”  We went to the nearby KFC and, needless to say, our plans went form “See Dancing Show” to “Return to Hotel”, at which point whatever got Daina got me.

So, early end to the day.  Show tomorrow, probably after a tuk tuk tour of a few distant temples.

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