Sri Lanka 0: Pearson International Airport

First, on a somewhat-but-kinda unrelated note, I’m wondering if any of these “Day 0” posts will ever start anywhere but Pearson.  Maybe Billy Bishop one day, or a random border crossing.  Who knows?

Second, in definitely related news, Daina’s bringing a camera with him for this trip, which means photography is now a shared duty, and that artsy pics like this one may show up from time to time.  Not complaining.

Anyway, we’re here once more for another whirlwind adventure!  Pearson continues to improve every time I come back, so right now I’m sitting down in front of an iPad that I could use to browse the net for free, and a PIN-pad, where I could pay for food, if I wanted to.  Fancy.

So this will be the first time flying JetAirways (so far, so good), the longest continuous set of stops for both of us (Toronto-Brussels-Mumbai-Colombo), although Daina still wins for most flights with Phuket-Bangkok-Seoul-Narita-Detroit-Toronto, and the longest post-flight trip to get to our final destination, with a six-hour train ride to Anuradhapura.

It’s going to be a big day.

Couldn’t be more excited, though!  More along the way!

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