Sri Lanka: T-40

Next adventure, coming up!

For those who know me, the TV show Departures has always been a bit of a “muse”.  A few years back, D and I were talking about possible travel destinations when the newest episode came on and, frankly, it was a short conversation after that.

This was pre-Turkey, and the tickets had already been bought for that one, but a country we had never thought of before in our life shot quickly up to the top of the list.

Sigiriya, the amazing mountain with a giant (ruined) lion carved into the rock, overlooking massive gardens.  Adam’s Peak, where (according to every religion), somebody really important took his first step onto the earth, with who it was depending on what religion you follow.  The Tooth of the Buddha, preserved in a temple and brought out once a year for a massive parade.  Green tea plantations, beaches, waterfalls, mountain hikes.  Pretty much everything you could want in a compact space.

Yeah, shot to the top of the list.

So with plane tickets already bought and e-visas already sorted, we’re on our way in a little over a month.  Some shots to figure out, pills to get, things to pack, but everything is pretty set and, with a country that’s geographically compact (relatively), we can go in with a plan, but not an itinerary.

Basically, whatever we want to see, we’re going to see.  Should be an amazing time!

Anybody who wants a “preview”, here’s the Departures episode.  Enjoy!

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