So slightly less international this summer, but perhaps equally foreign.

For those who check in each summer for the adventure, we’re taking a different tone this time around. See, Daina usually puts most of his vacation time into one block, not taking the little breaks through the year that others do.  While that allows for some epic trips, it does keep him from making it home on a regular basis.  So, this summer, the borders we’re crossing are provincial ones.
For the next two weeks, we’ll be in the Canadian Prairies, centred around Daina’s home town of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.  We were both out there a few years back for a wedding, so tourist time was limited.  This time around, we’re definitely going to see what the town and surrounding area have to offer.
Right now, we’re in-transit.  Daina is travelling WestJet, so I’m sure everything is going great.  I booked with Air Canada, so of course I was put on standby after having booked a ticket two months ago, because the flight was overbooked.  Which is still not a valid excuse at any time.  Then, I had to switch gates and planes because our plane “would not be departing.”  Because reasons.
Anyway, looks like I’m on time for a later departure, which will ultimately leave me less time in the Winnipeg airport, which is basically a good thing.  Getting out of Regina (with an “R”) should be fun, as Saskatchewan has seen some massive rainfall lately.  As far as we know, Moose Jaw is unaffected.
So, assuming everything isn’t underwater, Prairie Goodness to follow!

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