Colombia: The Farm at Ubate

You can tell I’m a city kid,
because an orchard
is a big deal for me.

So this isn’t a tourist site, but it was awesome enough and authentic enough to warrant a post.

I mentioned the names Arturo and Arturito in the Bogota post.  Turns out those two are from a somewhat well-to-do Colombian family that has a farm (more like an estate) about an hour away from Zipaquira, near the town of Ubate, one of Colombia’s dairy centres.  Caity had a longstanding invite to come see the place, so the bunch of us went along for the ride.  What we saw was a beautiful Colombian farm house.  Turns out one of Arturo’s family members (an older one) was a doctor in the area and was actual friends with Einstein, who stayed at the house for a while.  We were served some delicious blood sausage and potatoes as a pre-lunch, which we all thought was actually lunch.  Apparently, Colombians and Ukrainians have something in common.  After a walk around the orchard and fields with the five family dogs, it was time for real lunch.

Brisket, some fancy-topped potatoes, one of the freshest salads I’ve ever had, and I got to experience guava paste and cheese, a really nice desert.  Plus, five cute dogs running around the whole time and an oil painting of a surgeon holding a uterus.  Can’t go wrong with that!

Definitely not the “typical” Colombian experience – these guys may not be the 1%, but they’re definitely in the top 5 – but a nice escape from the hustle and bustle.

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