Colombia: The (Almost) Fully-Improved Pearson Airport Experience

So, in a statement that’s bound to tempt fate, I’m going to say “That was easy.”

Used to be that, if you didn’t show up three hours ahead of time at Pearson for travel to or through the States, getting to you flight with a comfortable amount of time was never a sure thing.  Well, they’ve made some upgrades and what would have taken me over an our in the past took me about 40 minutes.

Now, I will say that American Airlines didn’t have huge lines at T3 today, so that might have something to do with it.  If I was a Westjetter today, I may not be sitting not-so-comfortably on the floor (more on that in a minute).  However, AA had a half-decent automatic check-in option, stand alone luggage scales, and staff who were actually helping.

So, hooray.

US Customs was easier as well as, since I’m a Canadian, I no longer have to fill out the little customs card, and am allow to do an automated passport check.  Still had to talk to a guy at the end, but no big.

So I’m now sitting on the floor and not at the designated computer tables.  Pearson has just put in these counters with plugs and chairs…. except the plugs don’t quite work.  My laptop battery is dead (and, since this laptop seems to be on its last legs, shows no signs of ever charging again) and I need a plug, so I’m sitting cross-legged on the floor, in what I think was the same spot that D and I sat when we flew to Peru.  What amazes me is that, aside from the few people who noticed that I was plugging and unplugging and my laptop, most people are charging phones and laptops, no care in the world.  Check the battery symbol, people, I can’t save you all!

Already in touch with Travis, an old teaching friend of mine, who is working in Bogota, and I’m actually taking the iPhone for this short trip just for the added communication benefits.  Since I’ll be tech-free on the Ciudad Perdida hike, figure that balances out.

Next stop, Miami, then Bogota!

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