Turkey 35: Safranbolu to Trabzon.


Too many of those lately.  This one, however, was the longest.  I’m not counting the Bergama to Safranbolu run, since that was technically two bus rides and part of it was overnight.

Today started at 9:15 am in Safranbolu and ended at 11:45 pm as I checked in to Trabzon.  So, literally, no sightseeing was done today, except from the window of a bus, which actually wasn’t half bad at times.  We followed a very nice river valley for part of the way, kilometers full of sunflowers and, finally, the Black Sea.  I did manage to snap this sunset shot of the sea while we were stopped for the obligatory itfar stop along the highway. 

I’ve got two days in Trabzon, may or may not see the Sumela Monastery tomorrow, might check it out on Monday.  Good news is that the onward travel is confirmed, as I’ve got my bus ticket for Kars and can book things like hotels and plane tickets.

After that, sleep.

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