Turkey 26: Aqua Fantasy

There was nothing historical about today.  Just the amount of fun!

We found ourselves in a weird “Dead Zone” between Selcuk and Pamukkale, where we were going to get in to Pamukkale too early and end up spending too much time there (it’s a one sight site, apparently) but were done most of the thing we could do in Selcuk. 

Now, on our way to Ephesus a few days ago, we saw “Aqua Fantasy” as one of the stops.  Remembering something about water parks in nearby Kusadasi, I went into the Lonely Planet and did some reading.  D and I bookmarked it in the back of our heads and, when the activities began to run dry in Selcuk, Aqua Fantasy moved to the top of the to do list.

You can click here to get a better overview of the whole thing, but overall, really impressive.  Some big drops, a “dark slide” where you can’t see anything after the first five seconds, nice lazy river, wave pool, snacks, fountains… sweet looking place and there was only one slide out of the bunch where we went “meh”.  The rest were great!

Also, I’m happy to share with those who are worried about this sort of thing, that the majority of the people there were wearing board shorts or swim shorts – Speedos were few and far between!  Europe and Asia are coming in to the 21st century!

So waterslides bring us to the end of our time in Selcuk where, surprisingly, we have spent as many nights as we have in Istanbul.  Of course, we only spent a half-day doing things in the town proper, but I get the feeling that this place is a bit overlooked as a place to stay.  Lots of stuff around it if you know what you’re doing.

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