Turkey 20: Oludeniz

I think the sun has melted my brain.

Today was a beautiful day, spent at the beautiful beach of Oludeniz.  Apparently, we missed the sandy part of it, but it didn’t really matter because everything we saw there was gorgeous as well.  So no big thing.  Great water, lovely sun, nice chill day.

So, because there’s only so much “that beach was beautiful” that can be said out loud, here’s some other details from the day.

1) Funny moment at dinner where Daina ordered a “Chicken Shrimp Wrap”, assuming it was what it sounded like.  Instead, he received a chicken breast covered in mushrooms and sauce.  Upon mentioning this to the waiter, Daina was told that this was his order, and the chicken served as the wrap for the shrimp.  Kind of a Turkish Double Down.  Anyway, the mushrooms were mine, the rest was his, and it was freaking delicious.  Megri Lokantasi was the name of the restaurant and, if you’re in Fethiye, look it up.  Just make sure you go there and not to Megri Restaurant, which is more expensive and probably not as good.

2) Don’t know how this works, but Fethiye has a lot of “genuine fake” watches, sunglasses, etc, that are actually advertised as “Genuine Fakes”.  I recall people in Italy having their wares in portable tarps in case the police came, but here, it’s just right out in the open, in very nice looking storefronts.

3) Everything is booked for the rest of the trip, which looks to be Bodrum, Selcuk, Pamukkale and Istanbul.  After that, Daina goes home and I’m undecided about where to go next.

Anyhow, tomorrow we’re off on a 12 Island Boat Cruise, more swimming and sun.

That is definitely not a complaint, and I’m not sure anybody would listen if it was.

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