Turkey 19: Fethiye

Not sure how to call this one.

Our last two stops were a bit more “off” the tourist trail.  I use the quotes loosely for Olympos, as people know of it and the “town” has been purpose built for it.  Patara is getting more touristed, but it’s still fairly off the tourist trail.  Either way, we’re talking small places where you don’t get the traffic you’d get in a more established hub.

Fethiye is the more established hub.

So, while others might get here and say “wow”, my immediate reaction was “meh”.  Almost a sense of disappointment that we were someplace with so many other tourists.

The town is reminding me a lot of Antalya in terms of tourist traffic, and Daina and I are back to being asked “Are you German?”  I’m not quite finding the town as charming yet, although we did have dinner at a restaurant called “The Duck Pond”, with an actual duck pond set up next to it with a fountain and pigeon coves as well.  The big sight in town is definitely the Tomb of Amyntas, a rock-carved Lycian tomb dating back to the 4th century.  Kind of like a mini-Petra one-off.

Oh, editor’s note – I learned today that Xantos (which I think I’m spelling wrong, maybe) was actually the political capital of Lycia, not Patara.  For those who were using yesterday’s blog for research papers or something. 

Anyway, the harbour of Fethiye is beautiful, the town has its charms and it’s a hub for a lot of neat stuff, which we will get started on tomorrow.  I think I was just expecting more from Fethiye proper. 

Maybe, after Patara and Olympos, expectations were set too high.  Who knows?

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