Turkey 17: Patara Beach


It was a relatively long way to get here.  Four and a half hours, four bus changes, no lunch. 

Totally worth it.

Patara has been called Turkey’s best beach, and I’m pretty hard pressed to disagree.  Beautiful sand, cliffs off to one side, mountains to the other, and a set of ancient Lycian ruins to the rear.  Really a stunning location to say the least.  What’s amazing, though, is that it isn’t highly touristed.  Nothing can be built close to the beach due to the ruins, and you can’t even tear down and rebuild large resorts in nearby Gelemis, since archaeologists are pretty sure that some ruins exist under the town.  Plus, the beach is a breeding area for endangered sea turtles.  So development may be stalled at what it is now.

I have no issue with that at all.

After taking the bus from Olympos, transferring at the junction to Kas, transferring from Kas to the Patara junction, then transferring to Patara, you’d think we might be a bit travelled out.  Well, we weren’t and, within less than an hour of settling down at our cute, family-run pension, we were off to the beach.  The walk there looked daunting, especially with both of our sunburned shoulders, when out of the distance came a tractor pulling a toy train cart.

So, of course, we hopped on.  Short ride later, we were at the beach.

Nothing much to report there except for the aforementioned beauty and some nice waves to play in.  Dinner was spent at a place called Lazy Frog, where we met another Canadian, a principal from the Gatineau region who can’t help but travel every summer.  So, me in 20 years.

No problem with that.

Tomorrow, we’ll be out all day, hitting the ruins in the morning, then the beach, then lunch at the beach, then more beach, then home so we can sleep off the beach.

I am not complaining. 

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