Turkey 13: Goreme to Antalya


Like, really, that’s all today was.  However, here’s a brief overview of what did happen.

  1. Following the bald ibis picture from a few days back, I got a good picture of Daina with some “Halley” cookies.  The picture is funny because a) Daina is filling his face with food and b) our friend from Moose Jaw is named “Haley” and she just posted a big Facebook rant about how she doesn’t like people misspelling her name.  So, humour.
  2. 9 hour bus ride, with Kung Fu Panda and Hellboy 2: The Golden Army available in Turkish.  What was not available, at various points, was air conditioning.  It’s okay, though, because the driver actually made up for it by turning on the heat accidentally.  Solid.
  3. We were REALLY happy when we found a free shuttle to Kaleici, the old town of Antalya, from the bus station.  We were REALLY UNHAPPY when we got lost in the old town.  We did eventually find our way, but it is easy to get turned around in here if you don’t know where you’re going.
  4. So teachers go away for the summer to escape kids.  I just happened to run into one that I taught Media Literacy to!  It’s funny because we’ve seen each other around the school neighbourhood and have acknowledged each other by name, but the lack of context actually had us forgetting each other’s names.  Bizarre.

Tomorrow’s plan is wake up whenever, walk around old town, go to the beach, and that’s about it.  No grand schemes, no must sees, this is where we take it a bit easier from here on out!


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