Turkey 1: Istanbul via Rome

We almost made it without incident!

Our past two summer trips have had some hiccups, one major (the mechanical problems and hurricane that got us into Peru late) and one pretty minor (having to find a different bus to get the heck out of San Pedro Sula).  So the goal this time was to get here incident free.

  • Pearson Airport: No issues, got there early, plenty of time to hang around, ate delicious food.
  • Flight to Rome: The Alitalia jet we were on had seen better days and I don’t know where people on this plane learned how to use bathrooms (WATER AND TOWEL EVERYWHERE!), and Daina thinks he was bit by a flea, but we got into Rome on time.
  • Transfer to Rome: Fine.  Actually, more than fine, as the flight into Istanbul was one of the most picturesque I’ve ever seen – it literally looked like I was viewing a 3D tourist map, with all the big sights being easily identifiable.
  • Visa and Istanbul Customs: Good to go.
  • Luggage: Daina got his.

Yup, for the first time in however many years, I am currently luggage-free.  The good news (?) is that a lot of people on our Alitalia flight were in the lost luggage office, so I’m guessing my bag is sitting in Rome with a bunch of others.  I also had a few spares packed in my carry-on, so should be fine for a few days while the airport sorts it out.

Currently taking a quick rest before headed out for dinner and some simple sightseeing.  Istanbul looks beautiful so far, hopefully I’ll snap a couple of nice pictures and have something posted for this evening.  So expect an Istanbul 1.1 later on.

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