Turkey 0: Pearson Airport

Once more into the travel breach.

So, generally, I feel a bit more prepared than this.  I’ll usually have hotels booked all the way through, have a day-to-day breakdown and know exactly what to see in each city we go to.

This time, not so much.

That’s not a bad thing, necessarily.  We’re not just showing up in a town saying “Is there room at the inn?”  Nor do I usually plan to the minute.  We do, however, have a larger amount of “flex days” built into the trip and my solo portion at the end has barely been planned past Troy. 

Again, not a bad thing.

Our flight is already delayed by 20 minutes, which I’m okay with – the layover in Rome is over two hours, so that should leave us a mighty big window to catch the connector.  We land in Istanbul at 1:45 their time tomorrow, which is when we’ll be deciding if we hit the ground running or hit the bed for a nap.  I’m more in favour of the former, but considering how the time line up, we will have been awake for about 24 hours straight, not including what passes for sleep on the airplane.

Couldn’t be more excited about seeing everything that Turkey has to offer!  From mosques to the Med to mountains to something Roman that starts with M, this place really does look like it has it all.  I wish we had the time to do it all justice, but a month is a good start, to say the least.

Pictures and a link to the Facebook album to come! 

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