Turkey: T minus 13 days

It’s hard to be hopeful when you read stuff like this. 

The show of force by supporters of Recep Tayyip Erdogan came as police launched a violent crackdown on protesters opposed the government in another part of the city, using tear gas, water cannon and rubber bullets to disperse crowds.

The renewed unrest began overnight when police moved in forcibly to clear the camp at Gezi Park in Istanbul which has been the focus of anti-government protests. Within hours, large crowds took to the streets in support of the protesters, converging on the adjacent Taksim Square from all over the city.

Anybody who wants to read the full article can do so here.

The initial idea today was to post an “Itinerary” of sorts, mentioning some of the big sights we’ll be seeing.  Might wait a few days to do that.

At this point, we’ve got everything planned, a lot of stuff booked, with enough wiggle room that we’re not tied in to too much (outside of the Nemrut Dagi tour and the hot air balloon rides).  From what I know and have heard, the unrest in Istanbul and Ankara sounds a bit more like an Occupy-style movement as opposed to a total civil disintegration.  All I’ve read points to Erdogan having more support than guys like Ben Ali, Al Assad and Mubarak, with the protesters having more to lose than the citizens of other countries that have gone through the Arab Spring.

So we wait, itinerary in hand, hopeful that things don’t get any worse and that peaceful solutions can be found.

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