Retro Bitstrips: Mount Roberts, Alaska and Sufetula, Tunisia

Yup, getting too in to Bitstrips.
Definitely need to take a break from it over the next little while, but I did manage to come up with a couple neat flashbacks.
The first one is based upon my cruise ship days.  It’s a single shot, based upon what we called the “Album Cover.”
A bit of context first.  We were just coming off of a run through the Mexican Riviera and were starting our summer in Alaska.  Now, when you’re someplace warm for a prolonged piece of time, it’s pretty easy to get a group together to do activities on the shore.  “Let’s go to the beach” is a lot more enticing than “Let’s walk around a small Alaskan town where it’s not that warm and we have a reasonable chance of getting rained on.”  There are lots of awesome natural wonders to see in Alaska, and not all of them require a whole lot of physical exertion.  In one of our first stops in Juneau, one of the four people in this group – either Julie, James or Sam from the Youth Staff or Max, who was one of the officers on the ship – floated the idea of going on a hike on Mount Roberts.  Nothing too strenuous, just an easy walk up from a cable car.  There was even a little visitor’s centre nearby.
So the five of us went and it ended up being a pretty awesome day.  From impromptu snowball fights to jumping into deep snow to just admiring the Alaskan views, it was a great change of pace from hanging in Mexico and got my appetite going for many a hike later in the cruise.
Now, as for the picture.  South Park had done their “Faith +1” episode around a year before, with Cartman forming a Christian rock band.  When creating their album cover, Cartman told the group that you had to stare off in different directions and pretend you don’t care (or something, I’m probably butchering it and I’m too tired to come up with the actual quote).  So, once we found a good enough view, we decided we’d do our own “Album Cover” via timer.  This is what we came up with.


Now, here’s the Bitstrip equivalent.

I had to use a slightly different picture from the day, but the idea is almost the same.   So basically, a simple approximation of a really great day.

The other one I was working on was a “Part 1” which may or may not get a “Part 2”.  In March of 2009, I went to Tunisia for a week and made a day trip to Sufetula, a set of ancient Roman ruins near the modern town of Sbetlia.  I took a louage (shared taxi) down for the day and saw some amazing ruins before heading back to Tunis.  At least, I thought I was heading back to Tunis.

I may turn this comic over to my kids as a “Predict What Happens” activity, or I might just go ahead and create the second part.  The latter would require a lot of time and creativity, since Bitstrips doesn’t really do cars or road scenes, so well see what happens.  I’ll probably end up doing a prose follow up on the rest of the story here, but we’ll see.  In the meantime, enjoy some horrible French (I write it like I speak it) as I try to get out of Sufetula after hours.

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