Turkey and Rome (!): T-6 Months, 2 Weeks

This is not Turkey. 

However, it is now a part of the trip!

The original plan was to fly into Ankara and then pull a return flight to Toronto from Istanbul.  A couple of weeks ago, that option actually made good financial sense.  The other option was a cheap, evening roundtrip from British Airways to Istanbul.  That option has now increased by $600 a ticket.  So that’s out.

Tickets seemed to be getting more and more expensive and, with the holidays coming around and most people deciding their summer plans come January, we wanted to get on something that isn’t going to break the bank.  The last remaining option was an Alitalia flight, roundtrip to Istanbul, connecting through Rome.  Good price, decent departure and layover time, so we booked it!

Now, as per usual, I have a little extra vacation time due to me being a teacher, so I thought I’d extend my time in Istanbul by about a week so I could catch the first night of Ramadan.  Obviously not Muslim, but catching a religious festival like that in a Muslim country seems like something too cool to pass up.  So I booked my return for August 7th and went to the gym.

Then, I realized I had the wrong date. 

The good thing about booking online is that, if you call back quickly, they can cancel a ticket for you for no charge.  So I did that and went back onto the computer and, on a whim, decided to see what would happen if I tried to book a layover in Rome for a few days. 

The flight price went up by $3!!!

So that coin that I threw in the Trevi Fountain, all the way back in 2005, ended up being a good investment!

So now that the tickets are booked, it’s time to look into the minutia of the trip.  We had to push our departure back by a day due to the Alitalia flight being an afternoon departure, which means we may have to chop a stop from the Kirk and Daina portion of the trip.  I’ve got three days in Rome and I know I want to take in a Sunday mass at the Vatican – not Catholic, but the experience – and revisit the forum and the Colosseum, maybe take a day trip to Tivoli.  Also, how far in advance does somebody have to book a room for Ramadan?

Kind of want to plan the rest of it right now.  Heck, I kind of want to GO right now.  Soon enough, though, Turkey will go from booking to reality.  Amazing!

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