Scribblemaps and Next Summer

So I’ve always wanted some kind of app or interactive map where I could actually draw a route from place to place to plan a trip.  I never actually took the time to search one out, mind you, but on a random whim today, I figured I’d hit up Google and see what I could find. 


This is pretty darn awesome!  You have access to an actual Google Map, can pin areas, draw lines between them to find out distances and then post signage on it to help you plan your trip.  Great for those visual learners out there. So yeah, it’s barely October at this point and the next vacation isn’t until July, but I figured why not plan ahead a bit, see what the options are.  As you can see, Turkey is on the potential sites list.  D and me have also had some talks about Egypt and Jordan as a combo, or maybe someplace else in South America (still haven’t seen those salt flats). 

The Turkey trip basically accounts for five days in Instanbul, three or four in Cappadocia, a tour out to Nemrut Dagi in the east, then a few coastal stops along the Med to soak in some beaches, ruins and nature.  Might throw Istanbul at the end if a flight from Toronto to Ankara isn’t too much more expensive, as that could give us a bit more down time at the end. 

Although I know Istanbul isn’t exactly a “down time” city, but maybe we just want to dump our stuff in one place for a few days at the end of a trip.

More posts and maybe more maps as we go!

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