The Summer That Wasn’t (in Toronto)

Outside of cruise ships (which don’t count), this will be the summer where I spent the least amount of time in Toronto and, indeed, had the least amount of actual vacation time in Toronto.

This is not a bad thing or a complaint.  It’s simply a statement of fact. 

Consider that I left for San Pedro Sula on July 2nd after having spent the first two days of summer vacation being involved with Kevin’s wedding, followed by recovery from Kevin’s wedding.  There was the six hours I had in Toronto as our flight from Belize City to Toronto turned into my flight from Toronto to Seoul by way of extended layover in San Francisco.  I get back into TO Sunday night at 11:57 and, Monday, I’m allowed back into the classroom to start setting up.

I think I’m sleeping in Monday.  Or, at the very least, taking it off. 

I’ll work myself extra hard for those four days, so I don’t feel bad about it.

This summer has been something else, though.  It started in two countries that could arguably called “Third World”, although I don’t know if that term is even valid anymore, moved to a vacation paradise and ended in one of the most advanced countries on the planet with a view out the door of a military conflict that has split that country for over sixty years.  Climbed Mayan ruins, swam with sharks, swam in two different seas in two different hemispheres.  Pretty much a blast all around.

Got to reconnect with some pretty amazing people from my past, met new amazing people who I will carry with me into my future and, of course, got to do the first leg with THE most amazing person out there, D himself!  One of the big perks of being back in TO, for sure.

What makes the end of this trip weird is what I’m coming back to.  On Tuesday, there’s a huge protest scheduled at Queen’s Park where the teachers are going to take the Ontario Liberals to task for the absolutely disgusting way they’ve handled negotiations this summer, creating a crisis that doesn’t exist.  I’m flying in from one system where, if unions exist, I’ve never heard of them and a teacher can be rejected based upon their appearance.  I started this summer in countries where the poverty rate is so high, I don’t even know what a union would look like.  Read into it what you will, but it certainly is the biggest “Reality Smack” I could get upon a return.

I’m okay with that.  Whatever happens August 27th and after doesn’t erase the fact that this summer has been another great experience. 

Next summer?  Well, it’s up in the air, location wise.  I know it will be a longer trip and there will be more Daina (yeah!) and who knows what else.  All I know is I’m giving myself a week at the end to sit around the apartment and play PS3 in my gym shorts.

In moderation, that’s a hell of a vacation!

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