CA 13: San Pedro to Toronto to Seoul (!)

I’ve mentioned a few times that this trip has gone at a slightly slower speed than I’m used to.  Admittedly, there were a few times where that kind of left me… confused.  Maybe anxious is a better word.

As much as we did, there were a few moments of downtime where I thought “Maybe I could still do this…”

Well, considering what’s ahead, I’m not at all regretting taking it easy.

In about half an hour, we hop a taxi to the pier in San Pedro.  Then we’re on a water taxi to Belize City.  At that point, we take a cab to Belize airport and fly to Miami, where we have a two hour connection for Toronto.  We arrive in Toronto at 11:45 pm, go through customs, cab it home, and then I have until 4 am to get all my stuff together before another car grabs me and takes me to the airport on my way to Seoul.

So taking it easy wasn’t a bad thing.

This trip was a pretty great one.  I don’t know if it’s cracking the top five, but I do have a pretty big list to choose from.  When you consider that the top five are South America with Easter Island and the Inca Trail, Korea and Southeast Asia with Angkor and Ha Long Bay, the family heritage trip through Eastern Europe, Tunisia and teaching in Kenya, it’s hard to get in there.

I also didn’t get too great a sense of the various countries, as it was four days in one spot, four in the next, four in the next.  They were all great spots, though.

Copan is a hidden gem and if you are ever in Central America, you need to go.  The ruins were impressive, but I actually found myself getting more impressed by the town at times. 

I could have easily spent a few days going in and out of Flores on various sightseeing trips, heading back to that quiet little island.  Tikal was stunning, one of the most impressive sites I’ve ever been to, made more impressive by how nature just owns the place.

San Pedro?  Freaking magic.  Swimming with sharks, snorkeling, quiet(er) little islands just a short hop away.  This is the Caribbean I always thought I’d find when I was working on cruise ships.

So another Kirk and Daina vacation comes to a close.  I’ll probably post the occasional blog entry once I’m in Seoul, though it’s definitely going to be a different sort of trip – I’m working, after all, and got to see most of Seoul before.  We’re already talking about what next year is going to look like. 

I’m going to bet it will look pretty awesome.

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