CA 10: San Pedro, Belize

So I’ve been in Belize a couple of times during my Royal Caribbean days, but never really got a chance to explore parts of it.  I saw a couple of Mayan ruins and walked around Belize City a couple of times, but the beach-and-island side of things escaped me, mostly due to the half hour tender ride from the boat to the shore.

I had heard plenty about San Pedro and the Cayes in Belize, but never really had a chance to get to them.  It didn’t seem to matter at the time – I was seeing enough ocean and beaches at the time, what was one more?

Well, I’m glad I made it back here. 

We started the day with another great breakfast, this time Changes In Latitudes style (awesome pancakes), before grabbing our stuff and making it to the beach.  We did some good wandering up to the north end of the island – didn’t find too many beaches, but had a couple of dips and rest stops along the way.  Mostly, it was taking our time, walking around, relaxing and working on our tans.

(Daina’s actually got something resembling a tan.  Just saying.)

The most fun and relaxing part of the day, though, was when we were checking out the pier near our place.  Basically, we spent a good part of the afternoon either lying on or jumping off the pier into crazy clear Caribbean water.  Even managed to pull off some jump shots, which I don’t have nearly enough of, I’ve figure out.

All of the food here has been amazing, from a lobster and shrimp ceviche and some nachos for lunch to a tuna burger with red onion rings for dinner.  We’ve met some cool folks from Texas here at the B & B, good for a chat and a beer, and continue to be impressed by Cindy and Renita, the owners of this place – highly recommend this place if anybody makes it down to San Pedro.

Tomorrow, we’re off to Shark Ray Alley and Holchan for some snorkeling.  It’s supposed to be one of the highlights of the area and I can’t wait for it.  Then… well, who knows?  There’s no shortage of options around here.

Heck, there’s even reasonably priced real estate options.  Beach houses for less than our condo.

Maybe you’ll all have to come visit one day?

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