CA 6: Flores, Guatemala

Well, Flores is nice.

It won’t blow you away, it won’t change your world, but as a necessary stopover before heading to Tikal, it is definitely nice.

Now, that’s not at all a bad thing.  Were I a different person, I could totally see myself lounging around the various cafes by the lake, doing a whole lot of nothing.  And with Daina and I being ill over the past few days, that is pretty much exactly what we needed.  The views from the shore are nice, you can take little boat cruises around the place and you could use it as a base to do tours to various Mayan ruins.  Rained a lot today, too, so there was a bit of in-and-out to avoid the downpours, but it still retained its charm even when the rain was coming.  So it ranks somewhere above Siem Reap and somewhere below Copan in terms of “gotta stay here to do more exciting things”.

We did a couple laps of the island, took in the views.  Hit a bank machine.  Basic things.  Most importantly, though, we got ourselves set up for our trip to Tikal! 

8 am tomorrow, we take a shuttle to the site.  Once we’re there, we’re dropping our stuff at our hotel and then heading in to the site.  We’ll be getting in right around the busy time, unfortunately, but the good news is that we have TWO days there, and we’re doing a sunrise tour the next day, which I am really looking forward to, in spite of the 4 am wake-up.  At that point, the place is supposed to be pretty much deserted. 

Which should make it pretty much awesome!

Yeah, the writing sucks today, but when you consider that yesterday was either spent on a bus or on a toilet, I can be forgiven for being a bit drained.

No pun intended.

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