Central America 0: Pearson Airport

So there will be no upgrading this year.

My mom keeps a daily journal of events in her life and will take the time to call us and read us important and/or interesting entries at various points in time.  For those of you who were following the trip last year, you know about the debacle that was caused by our upgrade to Business Class.  It hasn’t been offered thus far (although American now tries to sell it to you while you use the auto check-in).  They did say that they had two spots in the exit row for a COUPLE, but we’re not there… yet.

Now last year I hadn’t anticipated any challenges to start the trip.  This year, there are a couple.

1) Daina is in Nassau as we speak, packing up from his sister’s wedding, and getting ready to fly to Miami.  We’re meeting up there to fly in to San Pedro Sula.

2) Once we’re in San Pedro Sula, we have two hours to go through immigration, catch a shuttle bus to the Hedman Alas bus station and grab a bus to Copan Ruinas.  Otherwise, we’re stuck in SPS for a day longer than I want to be, since everything I’ve heard indicates there is nothing to see there.

Nothing insurmountable, but enough to give a bit of the jitters.

The passengers on this flight look like an interesting group.  There’s a HUGE group of high school students going to Cozumel for an exchange program of some sort and a HUGE brother and sister pair who aren’t wearing clothes that, well, fit.  I guess if you’re wanting to walk around with an overhang, that’s your business but I’ve seen way too much but chasm this morning. 

So hopefully the official Day 1 entry comes tonight with Daina and me in Copan Ruinas, right before the 45 minutes of sleep I got last night catches up to me and I pass out to lovely, malaria pill induced nightmares.

Hooray for vacation!

Seriously, though, HOORAY!!!

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