Central America T minus 41: Itinerary & Meds

So business is about to pick up.

41 days from now, we’ll be flying out for a quick trip into Central America at the start of the summer.  We’re kind of sandwiching this thing into a just-less-than-two-week trip but we’re giving ourselves more than enough time to check out the big ticket items. 

After landing in San Pedro Sula, we’re jumping on a bus to get to Copan Ruinas to see the ancient Mayan ruins of Copan (hence the name) and some of the surrounding areas.  There may be ziplining involved.  And by “may” I mean Daina is hardcore on wanting to zipline. 

After four days and nights in Copan, we’re off to Flores, Guatemala by an not-yet-determined mode of transportation.  We know it will have wheels but aren’t sure if it’s going to be some kind of shuttle or a combination of shuttles and buses.  Either way, it’ll make an interesting leg. The good thing is that the bar for “crazy” was set pretty high by the La Paz to Arica ride last summer, so I’m hopeful.

Once we get to Flores, we have a couple of nights at the lake on the island and then a couple other nights staying near the ruins of Tikal, another major Mayan city.  For those of you who are Star Wars fans, that’s where the rebels had their hideout in “A New Hope”.  Not the main claim to fame, but an interesting tidbit nonetheless.

After that, bus it to Belize City, hop a water taxi to San Pedro on Ambergris Caye and end off with four days at the beach.

So it’s short, but it isn’t too crazy. 

The inspiration for writing today comes because both Daina and I made it to our local travel clinic!  Hurrah for meds that protect you from diseases that don’t occur in Canada and the money that they cost!!!

So as of right now, my right arm is aching because I’m officially invincible to typhoid and my wallet is hurting because I don’t want to get malaria.  Best part of the whole visit, though, was learning about a disease that I am very unlikely to get but was warned about by the doctor in case I went WAY off of the beaten track.

So Chagas disease happens when a big ass beetle comes out of the wall at night and bites you in the face.  Then it poos in the bite.  Then stuff happens.

VERY rare, as the doctor informed me… so my big question is why in the world did the doctor need to tell me?

Best part, though, was his “treatment”.  Raid.  Yup, he presented it to me in a way that made it sound like I was going to be spraying Raid in my face.  Apparently, if I’m ever in a room where I’m worried about it, I should spray the room with Raid so the bug dies/stays away. 


You know, every foreign country has some mystery bug or illness that can mess you up and you always hear about it before you go and it NEVER happens to you…

I just hope I don’t have to spray my face with Raid.

So as I get closer to the date, I may be throwing up a few updates here and there.  July 2nd, though, it all starts up again for another summer…. ish…

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