Argentina 8: Wrap-Up

Well, I am no longer writing from South America.  I’m sitting comfortably at my kitchen table in Toronto, typing on my big computer, wearing clothes I haven’t worn in a month after having had a shower with reliable heat.

This is called “home”.

My last twenty-four hours in Buenos Aires was certainly not lacking in memories.  Sunday night, I went out (you can go out any week in BA) to a bar named Krakow with Jenny and Lindsay from England and Josh from Australia (who are all awesome people) as well as another guy from Australia (who was there).  Happy Hour, which meant two for one pints and decent prices.  Spirited conversation, great atmosphere, though definitely deader than the Saturday night experience.  Things happen on Sunday, but not to the same degree.

Monday was my day to check out the cemetery, which was phenomenal for photo opportunities as you have decades of statues and monuments to Argentina’s rich and powerful.  So you can understand why I might have been a bit pissed off when, after spending two hours there, I get back to Tribunales station and realize that my camera was gone!

Now, good news is as follows.

  • I was wearing my new pants, which don’t have zippers or big pockets, so I took the small camera, which is the back-up camera.
  • I’ve been backing up photos daily.
  • I had a spare memory card, an extra battery and the good camera back at the hostel.
  • There was plenty of time left in the day.

So grabbed the real camera, cabbed it to the cemetery, took all the pictures over again, cabbed it back to the hostel, had a beer, went to the airport.

Funny, because I’m still going over the events of the day and don’t know if my camera was pickpocketed or if I lost it.  If the button on my cargos were buttoned, there’d be no way to get in without me noticing.  If they weren’t, it could actually have fallen out in the crowded Subte.  Either way, it wasn’t the good camera, it had the smaller memory card and the battery was almost dead.  So to whomever has it, you’re welcome.

Aside from the inflation, I frigging LOVED Buenos Aires and will definitely not protest if I end up there again some day in the future.  I had a lot of time for the whole vibe of Argentina as well.  They just seem like the nicest people with just enough edge to make them interesting.  I didn’t even get to see the best natural bits of the country (Iguazu in the north, Patagonia in the south), so there will be a return.

Now, I’m back in Toronto.  Another few countries under the belt, another awesome adventure.  In the end, Argentina didn’t stack up to the rest of the South America trip, but I was also doing the largest country in the shortest time and doing it solo, so it’s not fair to compare.  BA was the best city of the bunch, though.

So I guess the backpacks are being put away for right now.  With a new condo and three weddings in the next twelve months, it might be a while before something as epic as South America is blogged about.  But we’ll get there.

Travel bug is hard to get rid of, and I think we both have it.  =0)

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