Argentina 7: Buenos Aires

Well, still mildly exhausted and that’s not changing until I have some sleep at home, so whatever.

Ended up going to a great little microbrew pub in Palermo Viejo with two American dudes I met from the hostel, Brett and Marlon.  Great atmosphere, fairly modern songs and a giant video screen playing OLD black and white videos of performances (we’re talking Diana Ross, Howdy Doody, etc).  Left at about 3:30, got home for some sleep, then up at about 10 this morning.

There was a pretty sweet market on the main street of San Telmo today.  Lots of wares, most of them of some decent quality, including some cool clothes and accessories and stuff.  Stopped once for dulce de leche in a cone, stopped again for chorizo on a bun…  Good day for street eats!

The big new stop today was La Boca, which is Buenos Aires’ rougher but artsy but too touristed to actually properly gentrify area.  Built out of old tin siding years ago and coloured with leftover paint, it makes for a nice little walk through during the day.  The neighbourhood, however, is a bit sketchy and you are advised not to wander too far off the tourist zone.  Not dangerous, just sketchy – kind of like wandering through Regent Park on a main street during the day.  Something could happen but more than likely won’t.

I’m at one of those “brain is empty” moments, probably because the tank is almost at E in terms of the vacation.  Flight leaves tomorrow at 8:15 pm.  I have one more stop to make tomorrow, the Recoletta area to see the cemetery where Eva Peron is buried.  Then that’s it.

Kind of weird when these things come to an end.  You want more adventures, more time to explore but you’re also excited to do things like cook, lounge in front of a television and flush toilet paper down the toilet.

Can’t have the bitter without some sweet at the end, I guess.

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