Argentina 6: Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

I couldn´t be bothered to change the entry numbers yet again, so it´s Argentina from Uruguay today.

Before I talk about Colonia, a couple things about Buenos Aires I needed to add after yesterday.

  1. Dinner finished LATE!  I mean, we started early by Argentine standards (8:30) but didn´t get the bill until about 11:30 and didn´t get back to the hostel until after midnight, as some people decided to get some McFlurries and I went by the Pink Palace to take a picture of it all lit up, hot pink, at night.  Didn´t mind being out late, but with a 6am wake up for the boat today and people returning to the room every hour after being out, it wasn´t the best of sleeps.
  2. This city moves on a totally different schedule than any other one I´ve been to.  Most places don´t seem to do the traditional South American siesta, but everything still starts late in the evening and doesn´t finish up until morning.  Don´t know how you could go to university here and not fail.
  3. Inflation has jacked up EVERYTHING in Argentina, from food prices to travel.  Bus fares have increased %140 in the past year.  It´s nuts.

Okay, Colonia del Sacramento.  1 hour fast boat away from Buenos Aires, about $40 each way – inflation – for a quaint little Portuguese village in Uruguay.  It´s Uruguay´s oldest town and has a very nice and walkable old town centre with cute sidewalk cafes, a lighthouse you can climb, some old battlements and a cool road called The Road of Sighs (I can´t figure out quotations on this computer).  It´s changed hands a bunch of times between Spain, Portugal, Brazil and Uruguay and makes for a nice side trip.  Not as blow away spectacular as a Valparaiso but more interesting in some ways than a Tiwanuku. 

This town had a major case of Touristic Photoshootitis today, though, as everybody and their lady friend found little places to pose and have their photoshoots.  The town made it easy to do that, but I did want to throw things at people to get them out of the way.

That is also because I´m exhausted.

Plan right now is to head to the harbor, get the boat back to Buenos Aires, wander back to the hostel through the port and nap.  There is going out planned tonight, though I don´t know exactly where.

The when is LATE, I know that much.

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