Argentina 5: Buenos Aires

Well, I’m trying to cram a five day city into four days.

This place is pretty darn awesome.

I’m just checking in quickly at the hostel right now as I’m about to go out for Parradila (STEAK!) with some people I met a few days back in Mendoza.  This city has a crazy pace to it.  Everybody seems to be running around doing something important.

 Couple things of note:

1) Free tango demonstrations pop up and are offered here like ping pong shows in Thailand.  Except they’re more cultural.
2) People really love Madonna here.  They’re also big on some woman named Eva.
3) We’re in another city kind of like Santiago, except less strip-mall and more cultured.

There’ll be more to write tomorrow after I come back from Colonia (across the river in Uruguay, of all places), but steak awaits!

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