Argentina 3: Cordoba

Well, first thing’s first, I think I’m two for two on Argentinian hostels.  I’m at Tango Hostel in Cordoba, run by a couple, one of whom is French Canadian, great rooms, hot water, cheap dinner and close to everything.  Much like Lao in Mendoza, wouldn’t mind staying in this place longer if it weren’t for Buenos Aires coming up.

Cordoba, however, is a pretty sweet city.  I misspoke and called it the “Cultural Capital of South America” when it’s actually the “Cultural Capital of THE Americas”, which seems to be what people in South America refer to North and South America as collectively, except without including the US and Canada.  I can see it, though – some cool Jesuit history, great art galleries, a few museums, parks, churches, markets…  Good day.

The day might not warrant a specific play-by-play, but a couple of highlights included;

  1. The Jesuit Church, whose roof was designed to look like a ship’s hull and the underground Jesuit crypt.  
  2. The fountains at Paseo Buen Pastor shoot off sprays of water to music, kind of like the Bellagio in Vegas.
  3. A GREAT pair of pants that I bought from some clothing store – needed a nice pair for Buenos Aires since all three of my pairs are all messed up at this point.
  4. Fine arts museums – two of them – with some pretty neat stuff.
  5. AWESOME REAL COFFEE from a place called Havana coffee.  Dark Chocolate latte!!!  Had a ham and cheese roll as well.  Great bit of decadence!

The hostel does dinner, lasagna today, so I think I’ll be having some of that just to make things a bit easier on myself.  Bus ticket for Buenos Aires is BOUGHT for tomorrow and I’ll be making my way to Alta Gracia later in the day.  Looking forward to taking it slow tonight and getting another good night of bed rest to make up for the bus rest.

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