Argentina 2.5: Night bus from Mendoza to Cordoba

K, ordinarily a night bus ride doesn’t warrant a mention.  This one, however, was notable.

I wake up at about 4 am and we’re stopped at a gas station.  No big deal, buses need gas.  However, two security officers have come on board and are checking everybody’s ID.  Running all around them is this girl, searching frantically for something.

I’m able to pick out the words “white cell phone” and the girl finds a red wallet and begins to frantically search through it.  She seems happy but is still searching for her cell phone.  Security, in the meantime, is asking people to open their bags.

They come over, ask me to open mine, check my passport and move on.  Girl is still freaking out, as is her douchebag boyfriend.

The crew of them leave and lights go off and the bus… goes nowhere.  I look outside and the guy is LOSING it, yelling at the bus driver and pacing all over the place.  Girl and security are just standing there.  About five minutes later, the guy and the driver come back up and the driver asks everybody one more time about the phone, looking at the guy each time with a “So there” face.

This whole process took about 40 minutes!

Don’t know what happened exactly.  Maybe these people were on the lower level of the bus and their stuff went missing.  I think they were on this bus before and managed to get on it to check if something they had forgotten was there.  Either way, it seemed a bit overboard for a lost cell phone.  I guess if it was mine I’d be happy they took the time to check, but security, stopping the bus, all of it seemed overkill.

Anyway, random road story.  In Cordoba right now, settling in to the hostel.  City looks pretty nice, let you know more as I know more.

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