Argentina 1: Mendoza

So I’m following DC Comics’ lead and resetting my numbering in hopes that it leads to higher circulation.  Actually, it just didn’t feel right going day 31 since “Kirk. Daina. Backpacks.” is missing Daina for these final eight days.

First things first, Santiago Backpackers was NOT GOOD!  Two reasons;

  1. If you are over 45 years of age and fat, you should not be allowed to sleep in the dorm areas of a hostel.  Because you will snore.  Loudly.  And keep EVERYBODY up.
  2. If you work in a hostel, don’t play the “20 minute game”, where you tell a group to be quiet, then let them slowly get louder over the course of twenty minutes, only to go tell them to be quiet again, repeating this pattern several times.  This went on six times, in fact.

So the hostel was clean, but a fail.

Bus ride was fine.  The pass between Chile and Argentina was the coldest I’ve been on the trip, bus was comfortable and EMPTY (!).  Chilean exit stamp on the passport, Argentinian entry stamp, good for 90 days, will only “need” 8.

Mendoza is a pretty beautiful city.  I wasn’t able to snap too many quality pics due to the sun setting after I did important things like laundry, changing money, buying bus tickets, going to the post office and eating.  The plazas here are all HUGE, since the whole city was redesigned after an earthquake in the 1860s.  I’ll get a better read on the whole thing tomorrow.

Plan is to hit the city tomorrow, take in the sights, climb a hill in a nearby park for views and then catch a 10pm bus to Cordoba.  I’ll be staying there for a night, then heading to Buenos Aires on an overnight bus.

Pretty excited, although it’s wierd – I know that nothing in Argentina is going to “wow” me like Easter Island or Machu Picchu.  That being said, no reason to leave just yet.  =0)

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